This was a request from Kirsten and is one of Alton Brown’s recipes. They’re not particularly difficult to make, but they are a bit time-consuming to fold them all up.

Potstickers at the Ready

The tricky part as well is getting the right amount of filling in each one. Too much, and it oozes out the side when you seal them up. I have a round plastic half-teaspoon measure that I used. From the picture, I got 46 potstickers made, with was the number of wontons on the package, I still had some filling left over, so I packaged that up for another purpose.

At this point, I guess you could just put the pans in the freezer, then bag them up if you want to make them another day. Instead, I just put a damp towel over them to keep them from drying out so I could use them later.

Now for the fun part:

Cooking them also takes a bit of time, as you can only do a handful at a time. I had the oven set as low as it could go and dumped the finished ones into a serving bowl in the oven to keep them warm.

Once they were done, I served them on noodles with stir-fry veggies.